Blackroc Technology is a hardware and solutions engineering company specialising in mobile computing and data capture technologies. This includes computer wireless mobility, rugged devices and all associated imaging, positioning and identification technologies.

We specialise in:

  • Hand Held Computers
  • Rugged PDAs and Tablet PCs
  • Satellite positioning systems including GPS and Glonass
  • Imaging and  Cameras including visible, infra-red, multispectral and hyperspectral
  • Identification Technologies including RFID, Barcode and other
  • Wireless LANS including WiFI
  • Wireless WANs (GPRS, 3G, etc)
  • Bluetooth Communications
  • General mobile peripherals including mobile printers, communications products and other
  • Bespoke mobile application software

We provide a wide range of expert services within this group of technologies from custom product development, and systems consultancy, to integration on site. For more information on these services or for custom product development or to customise hardware to suit specific requirements please contact us.